Draft Watch: Top junior D this decade wears red, white and blue – ESPN

Draft Watch: Top junior D this decade wears red, white and blue
Talking to an experienced amateur scout, I learned something pretty interesting. The little old USA is producing some hardcore kid defensemen.

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Cobra Junior Golf Clubs | Golf Tips:
It’s never to early to get a youngster started playing the world’s greatest game. Maybe not as early as two years old, when Tiger Woods started playing, but by.

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She did, obviously, and this year, she got picked as one of the first students to participate in the first grade “Junior Great Books” program. It’s something that’s supposed to challenge her more than the usual one sentence per page …

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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Release Junior Clothing Label The Celebrity Truth (blog) Want to check out Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s new clothing range aimed at the junior market? The new line, called Olsenboye, will feature clothes from …

Rosewood [VHS]

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A shameful chapter in American history is powerfully dramatized in Rosewood, but moviegoers in 1997 may not have been ready for the African American equivalent of Schindler’s List. And while the massacre that occurred in the nearly all-black town of Rosewood, Florida, in 1922 cannot compare in scale to the Nazi holocaust, it potently illustrates the same issues of racism and inherited intolerance that percolate at every level of human existence. An estimated 40 to 150 blacks were killed in Rosewood by an all-white lynch mob from the neighboring town of Sumner, where a white woman falsely claimed she’d been assaulted by a black man. The resulting mayhem ignited a tinderbox of resentment toward the flourishing citizens of Rosewood, and those few who survived were so traumatized

Peltor 90553 Junior Earmuff, Pink

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Sized for youth and smaller adults Liquid foam ear cushions Adjustable stainless steel headband Great for taking the kids hunting and protecting their hearing from dangerous gun shot noise NRR 22dBMy daughter has been wearing these to live music performances since she was a year old, and loves them… she tried to take them off the first time, and upon hearing how loud everything was without them, she immediately wanted help putting them back on. Now, she gets excited every time she sees that we’re bringing them with us.

Peltor 97070 Junior Earmuff, Black

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Aearo Peltor Passive Hearing Protectors Junior Earmuff Black (NRR 22dB) Designed and sized specifically for youth and smaller adults especially women. Smaller Size. Low profile ear cups with liquid-foam filled cushions are comfortable over extended periods of wear. Padded adjustable headband for comfort and custom fit. Earmuff provides appropriate noise reduction while allowing commands to be heard. NRR 17dB Mfg No: 97070-60000 Manufacturer: Aearo Peltor Warranty: Peltor will replace products which fail because of defects in workmanship or materials within thirty days of the date of purchase upon prior approval from an authorized representative of Aearo Company. NRR 22dB NRR allows range commands to be heard for added safety Designed and sized for youth and smaller adults Liquid