Fisher Price Elmo’s Tickle Hands

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Put Elmo’s Tickle Power in your child’s hands! These big, furry, red Elmo hands (featuring Elmo’s friendly face on one side) allow your kids to tickle & dance just like Elmo does! The gloves easily slide on to little hands and when Elmo’s nose is pressed, the fun begins! When your child touches a surface to tickle, the hands start to vibrate & move allowing your child to feel like he can tickle just like Elmo! But that’s not all! Touch Elmo’s nose again and it’s time to dance! Elmo will give instructions on how to do his brand new dance called, “The Tickle Hand Groove!” This new dance encourages kids to get moving & grooving! The hands also come with an instructional DVD that teaches kids how to do the new dance step by step! The DVD features Elmo and his mystery friend! Your child will be

Battle Strikers Tournament

Price : $39.99 AverageRating : 4.5 Reviews : 3
Battling Turbo Tops with Motorized Launch & Magnetic Control Engage in battle and utilize the Controller¿ to battle your opponent Re-power your Striker through magnetic connectivity to continue your battle 2 player tournament battles right out of the box Set includes 2 exclusive Strikers, 2 Controllers, 2 Turbo Launchers & 1 Battle Arena The only magnetically charged turbo tops that gives you the power to control your topI am an 8 year old boy and think that this toy is great. It took a while to put the battle strikers together but once I put it together it was a great toy. It was fun to battle with other people.

Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery

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Bake, Design & Decorate Cakes!
Microwave-Safe Baking in 30 Seconds!
Ag Cakes Bake in 30 secs Decorate with the Motorized Gel Decorator Comes with Everything you need to make 4 Fondant Cakes. Girl Gourmet Website Quick, Fast, Easy and Tastes Amazing!My 7 year old daughter received this for Christmas. Very disappointing… one cake mix (which is what it calls for a small 2 tiered cake) is not nearly enough. Cake is spongy and never really seemed done (though my daughter did enjoy it once it was covered in regular frosting). The fondant is a complete joke. We have not been able to get the consistency right – ended up just using it like regular frosting instead. May try the fondant from just a decorating perspective. Overall, I would not recommend this product – in my opinion, it

Free workshop on nutrition for babies and children – Atlanticville
Free workshop on nutrition for babies and children
LONG BRANCH — Learn about healthy nutrition habits for infants and young children during WIC's “Healthy Habits for Babies” workshop hosted by the Long

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